Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ROOMS book is done

I had only 22 girls that could shoot within such a short notice / period of time because today is my deadline to finish the book. I think I'll continue searching for people to shoot however it's currently not a priority.

Emi is a friend and an amazing model... It's very tempting to just make a book of her.
In other news.. Feb 18th, 19th and 20th were super busy for me and my boyfriend (we tend to help eachother out with events) 

A Grand Opening for ArtLab Studios in San Diego, CA
This place was packed I tell you! packed! There were a ton of great acts mixed in with some snobs however, I just ignored them because I had some delicious vegan or vegetarian meatloaf and wine! Never knew how great meatloaf could be without meat.
Tribal Baroque was the highlight of the night, apparently somebody made a documentary about them and it won an academy award... how snazzy!

On the 20th I had an all day shoot..
7am we drove to The Brewery in Los Angeles
Myself / Isamu / Brad assisted  ~ Erin makeup ~ Amber hair ~ Sarah photog ~ Caitlin model

We had three different themes to setup which were "alice in wonderland" "the girl that ate the canary" and "a vintage sunday morning with baby heads"  (those are NOT the titles however it explains what was happening!)

Later on I called in a model for my own mini shoot and she was fantastic! Ashley had no problem trying anything out and I think we got some wonderful images.